100% Real Virtual Reality

Old Irish


Fed up with exaggerated advertising slogans, Georgian beer lovers are extremely skeptical about what they hear from brands: 

Beer #1: "Real Bavarian legend"
Beer #2: "Get a taste of german life"
Beer #3: "Explore true Czech flavor"
Beer #4: "Discover real taste of Ireland" - that’s us!

Old Irish - a new craft beer with a really unique Irish recipe, but a catchphrase the audience has sort of heard before.

To prove that Old Irish is a real deal, we demonstrated true meaning behind these words, and made our promise 100% real. We offered ordinary people to take a virtual tour of Ireland, and while they were busy exploring Irish nature, streets of Dublin and a typical Irish bar virtually, we brought it all alive.



    Creative Director: Levan Lepsveridze

    Account Director: Natia Gogia

    Initial Idea: Rezo Shelia

    Copywriter: Beqa Adamashvili

    Graphic Designer: Anano Martsvaladze

    Motion Graphics: Toka Areshidze

    Managing Director: Giorgi Burtchuladze

    Writer: Giorgi Avaliani

    Director: Tazo Narimanidze, Film Asylum

    Producers: Nika Gushushvili; Vako Kirkitadze, Film Asylum

    DoP: Temo Macharadze; Bacho Iakobidze, Film Asylum

    Production Designers: Beka Sadaghashvili; Temo Kartlelishvili; Nino Injia; Levan Kvarackhelia, Film Asylum

    Sound: Tengo Mandzulashvili, Film Asylum

    Editor: Saba Pruidze, Film Asylum

    Color: Giorgi Qobalia, Film Asylum

    ​​​​​​​Making of: Iva Chitidze, Film Asylum

    Special thanks to DDB Betterfly


  • Mar 2016