Make it smart, what are you waiting for?!


What exactly is the new Zoommer campaign encouraging us to turn smarter? It is simple: Zoommer wants us to be friends with the latest tech gadgets that will make our home and work lives much smarter. 

Since our everyday lives have been changed due to the pandemic and we had to spend a lot of time isolated in our homes, we all got used to leading a comfortable existence. Because of this, our wants and needs have shifted towards more comfort, preferring working at home with all the perks that it offers. But now, as the world has started to open back up, these cool gadgets are just the thing that will be able to help us with this transition. We can have it all, go to work, and have a robot that cleans our apartments while we're away. We can also have an electric boiler that boils our water to just the right temperature we want and a virtual assistant that anticipates our every need, never tires of answering all of our questions, and occasionally indulges us with conversation. In these modern times, we can decide how to arrange our house, to manage everything more efficiently and sometimes even remotely. 


Smart tech is the future. As time goes by, the world will realize how much gadgets can make our lives easier while providing an array of opportunities. In this campaign, we had to tell our viewers they're missing out on preserving their time and resources by not using new tech tools. 

Georgia is not the only place where advanced gadgets play a big part in people's lives. Over the years, The global market will become more focused on advanced technologies. And luckily, companies like Zoommer are making smart tech accessible to everyone, helping us get closer to the future. And all customers should be expecting Zoommerish prices, aka super sales! Make your life smart. What are you waiting for? 


    Chief Executive Officer: Anze Jereb

    Creative Director: Lasha D. Kotori

    Account Manager: Levan Gogiberidze

    Art Director: Magda Janjalashvili

    Copywriters: Kate Magradze, George Abuladze

    Director/DOP: Cøllaba

    Production manager / Executive producer: Tami Morchiladze

    Set and costume Designer: D.tale

    Ruso Abzianidze

    Niniko vasadze

    Sopo japaridze

    Giviko legashvili

    Makeup artist: nino sopromadze

    Post Production: Cøllaba

    English Copywriter: Tatia Darsadze

    Music/Sound by Misho Eliava, Tato Rusia

    3D Artist: Lado Aznaurashvili

    Main Character Actor - Jozef Laliashvili



  • May 2022