Cybeer Bar

Pour Beer With A Phone


Social media addiction is destroying true friendships.

To tear people away from their tiny screens and bring them together with their friends in real life, we opened up the world’s first fully digital Cybeer Bar. Just tilt the phone to the right angle, and pour a refreshing glass of virtual beer to share it with your friends on Facebook.

But as soon as the glass is full, the website reveals a twist ending - "Dude, you have a phone in your hand - you could totally call your friend and have fun for real!" To make things even easier a “hey, wanna go out for a beer?” text message pops up on the phone.

Technological innovation effectively attracted social media addicts just to push them back to enjoying real life. So far our website has revived more than 40'000 true friendships worldwide. Cybeer Bar remains the only place in today’s Internet where pouring fake beer will help you keep it real 100%.


    Creative Directors: Levan Lepsveridze, Giorgi Avaliani

    Art Director: Nick Kumbari

    Copywriter: Giorgi Chilaia

    Illustrator: Anano Martsvaladze

    Developer: Goga Chinchaladze

    Project Manager: Mariam Surmava


  • Jun 2018