Enriched Knowledge

We wanted to attract more users to our digital banking app, extend their interaction time and help them learn all the functions


TBC Bank is the number one banking group in the Caucasus region. In 2022 TBC Bank received nine awards for its innovative digital services from Global Finance. However, some Georgians still prefer using non-digital ways for financial transactions, like handing money to minibus drivers who need to give it to someone at the next turn. 

According to recent World Bank and PISA research studies, Georgia ranks far below the average, not only in digital but also in terms of general education quality level. The insight was clear once we learned this. Our goal was to improve the education level in our country. With research, we developed an understanding of our target audience, and our main goal was to solve this problem of education. Together with this, we wanted to attract more users to our digital banking app, extend their interaction time and help them learn all the functions it could help them with.

TBC Bank is a technology-driven company. Its mission is to make people's lives easier with its products. That's why, to grow the popularity of our digital bank and increase the general level of education, we decided to combine both these problems and, for the first time in Georgia, turn a mobile banking app into an intellectual game platform.

As the form, we chose the most popular offline intellectual activity amongst our target audience - crossword puzzles. For three months, by answering the questions, users could accumulate points, which later they exchanged for different sums of money. At the same time to find the answers to some of the questions, users had to study how the digital bank app works. The game soon became popular. Players looked for answers on social media networks. They created special Facebook groups to help each other. The campaign concluded with a grand finale and a large sum of money as a prize. The employee of the rival bank won in the end. It's good when even the competitors are using your digital bank, isn't it?!

With 0 media budget, our campaign attracted the attention of many Georgian influencers and celebrities, appeared on multiple television news shows, and generated countless memes. In total, more than 400,000 people participated in the game, which means every second user of TBC Digital Bank got involved in the game, 36,000 new users were registered, the number of daily and monthly active users increased from 43% to 49%, and most importantly, 45% of the total engagement came from the regional parts of our country. Previously, digital banking apps were the least used in those regions. And, Google Trends showed that the top keyword searches of the day were related to our app's question of the day.

Most importantly, by utilizing 200 questions, this campaign managed to enrich the knowledge of its users along with their digital wallets. We can safely say that our mission was accomplished!



    Creative Chairman: Levan Lepsveridze

    Chief Creative Officer: Anze Jereb

    Creative Director: Irina Beriashvili

    Creative Director/ Puzzles by: Beqa Adamashvili

    Sr. Designer: Baiko Pirtskhalaishvili

    Account Directors: Zizi Nasrashvili, Ekaterine Ebanoidze

    Sr. Account Manager: Salome Martiashvili

    Design Team Lead: Matassi Sulakauri

    Motion Designer: Luka Shvelidze

    Graphic Designer: Mari Onavari

    English Copy: Tatia Darsadze

    Administrative Team: Erekle Zurmukhtashvili, Natia Demetradze, Nana Tushishvili, Pikria Javashvili



  • Nov 2022