Flying Hammock

Still in the air reminding Georgians to lighten up!



Natakhtari Brewery has just introduced a new light beer in Georgia - a country with one of the lowest ranks on the world happiness report (125th place out of 155). For the last few years economic crisis, and strained political climate have been making everyday news headlines more and more stressful.

It seems there’s nothing good is happening in Georgia.


How can we inspire an entire nation to take it easy and chill out?


We simply set an uplifting example for everyone to see.

We decided to stage a public stunt to engage an entire country and help people cheer up a bit. A man in the hammock is a true Georgian symbol of having no worries. The mannequin in the hammock was engineered to relax and sip on a bottle of beer.

We gave a new life to the legend by making it fly with a simple, surreal solution - hang it on a drone.

Bystanders thought the stunt was for real, started taking videos and photos. By the next morning an authentic video shot by one of the eyewitnesses was already a global sensation giving Georgian media a cheerful story to cover.

The flying hammock is still in the air to promote Natakhtari light and remind Georgians to lighten up.


    Creative Director: Levan Lepsveridze
    Account Director: Natia Gogia
    Copywriter: Beqa Adamashvili
    Art Director: Sophia Antidze
    Creative Project Manager: Mariam Menteshashvili
    Executive Producer: Meli Bagdavadze
    Graphic Designer: Keta Zhorzholiani
    Creative Team: Giorgi Chikhradze, Sandro Laliashvili, Irakli Takaishvili

    Production Team
    Art Department: Fourk Group
    Cameraman: Irakli Solomonishvili (Pitha)
    Editor: Gigi Jikia
    CGI: Irakli Cheishvili
    Location Scout: Nuki Bagdavadze
    VO Artist: Sandro Gabilaia

    Also thanks to: Givi Maghradze, Ucha Abashidze, Tornike Karchkhadze, Gia Jajanidze


  • Apr 2017