Hungry Hungry Hamsters

Lovely family obsessed with food


The Situation

Supremo - one of the largest producer of canned goods and food products in the country is struggling to reach its target audience, as young housewives simply don’t care for traditional advertising.

Our research shows, they are mostly attracted to soap operas and scrolling cute things on social media.

The Solution

Soap operas + cute videos =  the Hungry Hungry Hamsters!

We launched online show series about the lovely family obsessed with food:

The Father - who loves politics and eating.
The Mother - who’s working at a food store and tastes everything around.
The Son - who’s struggling with insomnia and eats day and night.
The Daughter - who’s constantly working out and eats to stay fit.

For this, we created an entire miniature town that consisted of 1350  tiny details and made sure whatever happened in real life, happened in the show as well.  With one short episode per week posted on Supremo’s Facebook page, we quickly built up a hardcore fan-base.



    Creative Director: Levan Lepsveridze

    Copywriter: Beka adamashvili

    Director: Beka Adamashvili (Ep 3-9); Lasha Tskvitinidze (Ep 1-2)

    Producer/Directors Assistant: Meli Baghdavadze

    Executive Producer: Giorgi Toklikishvili

    Art Director/Designer: Sophia Antidze

    Creative Team: Beka Adamashvili, Giorgi Toklikishvili, Sophia Antidze, Meli Baghdavadze

    Strategic planner: Salome Zhvania.

    Graphic Designers: Sophia Anatidze, Keta Zhorzholiani

    Art Department: Fourk Group

    Artists: Beka Sadaghashvili, Tamar Chavchanidze, Levan Kvaratskhelia, Nino Injia, Teimuraz Kartvelishvili,

    Decorators: Giorgi Mamisashvili, Levan Kikilashvili, Stanislav Pestov, Mariam Kakhiashvili

    Director of sound and music: Gvaji – Giorgi Gvarjaladze

    Narrator: Joseph Khvedelidze

    Narrator: tato rusia

    Translated by : Tatia Darsadze

    Visual Effects: Studio Qubitz

    VFX: Irakli Gharibashvili, Irakli Omnadze​​​​​​​

    DOP: Tato Kotetishvili

    Gaffer: Rati gomarteli

    Lighting: Rati Gomarteli, Datuna Gomarteli

    Cameraman Assistant: Sandro Potchkhua

    Video Editing: Levan Butkhuzi (Bubu)

    Color Grading: Niko Tarielashvili, Vigen Vartanov – Biba (Ep2)

    Making of: Pitha – Irakli Solomonishvili, Toka Shengelia, Saba Shengelia

    Casting: Eka Mjavanadze

    Account Director: Natia Gogia

    Social media managers: Nino Modebadze, Tamuna Budahgashvili

    Illustrators: Sopho Kirtadze, Varlam Jmukhadze, Ekaterine Tabliashvili, Ruslan Beridze, Sophio Gogishvili, Irakli Toidze, Mari Kakhurishvili

    Retouch: Abesalom Kavelashvili

    Storyboard: Irakli Toidze


  • Nov 2016