Knowledge leads to Freedom

Turning Streets into an effective educational platform


Most of our streets are named after famous Georgian scholars and great historical figures in an attempt to immortalize their good deeds. But there is one problem: People may remember their names - but they don’t know much about their achievements. 

We were asked to raise awareness about the founding fathers for the upcoming Georgian Independence Day. We needed to somehow capture the attention of people and help them recognize the achievements of these great individuals.

We created a new campaign - “Knowledge Leads to Freedom”.

One night - much to everyone’s surprise, across the country's biggest cities we renamed the streets that were named after our national heroes. Now, they were no ordinary street address signs, our signs didn't just simply carry the names of these extraordinary individuals, they were displaying all the achievements that these people had accomplished. 

This way we turned the signs into educational establishments for the pedestrians.

During the campaign we enlisted Georgian influencers as educational guides. Some were spreading knowledge on public transports, others were taxi drivers for a day. 

There were pop-up museums on street corners that educated people and motivated them to spread snaps and instagram stories about “tiny cards of knowledge”.

We created a “Street Messenger” page on Facebook where stories about our great heroes were posted daily. We even created a scrollable “Street of Knowledge” page on Instagram.

All outdoor activities were broadcast on social media channels and people's engagement dramatically increased not only on the streets, but also online. 

In total 1300 historical facts were discussed. People not only learned about honorable deeds of our heroes, but started sharing the knowledge themselves. Case video summarizing our campaign had over 17,000 shares and more than 3.5 million views. These numbers made it the most buzz-worthy campaign of the year. 

Yes, not all roads lead to Rome, but now some Georgian streets educate people and lead to freedom.


    Client - Ministry of education of Georgia 

    The Best Client Team - Darejan Tsurtsumia, Nincho Nemsadze, Nini Jijikhia

    Creative Agency -  Leavingstone

    Creative Director - Levan Lepsveridze

    Digital Creative Director - Pavle Gabritchidze 

    Project Executive - Ketevan Sakhvadze, Pavle Gabritchidze

    Creative Team - Tatia Tabatadze, Sonya Gulagashvili, Nino Bitsadze, Levan Babutsidze, Elene Danelia, Ketavan Sakhvadze

    Art Director - Nanka Bagaturia

    Senior Graphic Designer  - Elene Aptsiauri

    Graphic Designers - Tatia Gugenishvili, Salome Tkhinvaleli, Nika Minashvili, Baiko Pirtskhalaishvili, Levan Mamsikashvili, Levan Babutsidze

    Senior Copywriter - Elene Danelia, Nino Bitsadze, Sonya Gulagashvili

    Case Video Story By -– Mindia Arabuli, Tatia Tabatadze, Levan Babutsidze

    Copy Translator/Editor - Tatia Darsadze

    Production Studio - “Limoni

    Executive Producer – Dimitri Sharashidze

    Producer - Nini Nozadze

    Line Producer - Nodar Natelashvili

    Director - Giorgi Okmelashvili

    Cameraman - Anri Mekvabidze, Guka Kvitashvili, Nika Paniashvili, Giorgi Mkheidze

    Sound Engineer - Davit Gabunia

    Color - Levan Kukhiashvili

    Special Thanks - Beka Adamashvili, Giorgi Meshveliani, Nika Jinchveladze, Vakho Vakhtangishvili


  • Apr 2019