Likani O Rero

Through our bottle courses, nature's model forces


A positively scrumptious and mind-bendingly colorful new ad campaign emerged from our latest collaboration with Georgian mineral water brand Likani. This is a brand that approaches its audience directly from the bowels of the earth, bringing its inherent pure energy to the buzzing city center like a breath of fresh air. Likani's key message is "encourage courage" and that's exactly what its mineral water does. Likani fuels every person with vigor and fills them with a limitless supply of vitality. 

Today we have found ourselves living in a grim reality and our agency now more than ever had a strong desire to create powerful and genuinely light-hearted ad, that could overtake our existence by its waves of joy and have the power to revive happiness. 

With our ad, we tried to instill the love of life in our audience, to charge them with positive emotions that would prompt them to turn even the smallest cheerful moments into celebrations. This was how the idea of reimagining old Georgian folk hits came to us. We wanted to find a tune that would be nostalgic to remind us what we used to love and then we would add modern twist to it stirring up new exciting emotions in our audience. In our search, we came across "O Rero" and modernized it in a way that gave us a perfect blend of reminiscence and roaring youthful spirit.

The Likani brand has been growing alongside us, and it has always remained distinctive with its current messaging and young spirit. The purpose of the new communication campaign was to show all these strong characteristics that we've come to know and love over the years, while simultaneously bringing them to the audience in a new light. Mainly to perfectly exhibit the key attribute, which is the incredible energy of its unique mineral water. Likani's brave nature is infectious and it will most certainly encourage everyone to achieve just about anything. 

Despite the budget cuts and the weather changes, we persevered without postponing the production and over delivered on our small budget. Currently, Likani video's stats have already surpassed other high-budget competitors' ads. Our agency tried to create real value and this was what generated our success. We are glad to say that we've managed to uplift people's moods and hopefully motivated them to live fulfilling and bold lives.



    Brand Manager: Tata Katamadze

    Marketing Director: Datka Gelashvili


    Chief Creative officer: Levan Lepsveridze 

    Lyrics: Beqa Adamashvili

    Creative Team: Basa Metreveli, Samuel Muzaevi, Keti Kipshidze

    Illustrator/Designer: Baiko Pirtskhalaishvili

    Strategist: Anano Gabunia

    Account Director: Erekle Zurmukhtashvili

    Financial Team: Natia Demetradze, Nana Tushishvili

    Lawyer: Pikria Javashvili


    Executive Producer: Meli Bagdavadze

    Director: Dima Chkheidze 

    DoP: George Shvelidze

    Producer: Tamta Navrozashvili

    1st AD: Sali Jugeli

    Art Director/Production Designer: Polina Rudchik

    Ass. Production Designer: Sandro Nadareishvili

    Designer’s Assistant: Nika Kenkebashvili

    Decorations by Jimsher Berdzenishvili & KinoFactory

    Gaffer: Misho Saganelidze

    Lighting Team: Bidzina Chkaidze, Vazha Aprasidze, Bezhan Laliashvili, Zurab Narimanidze

    Camera Team: Giorgi Karbelashvili, Levan Zaridze

    Focus Puller: Manu Elijarashvili

    Costume Designer: Ika Bobokhidze

    Set Dresser: Elene Gabilaia

    MUA: Madona Tchanturia

    Hair Stylist: Giga Bagration-Gogadze

    Casting Director: Misha Apkhazava

    Casting Manager: Salome Kokuashvili

    Choreographer: Xosilita Xositashvili

    Locationg Manager: Irakli Gvishiani

    Runner: Sandro Goshadze

    Location Team: Beka Abramishvili, Lado Laperashvili, Grisha Azarevich

    Stunt Department: K2 Club

    Special Effects: Dato Gvasalia, Soso Gvasalia

    Storyboard Artist: Mikheil Darjania

    Photographer: Vakhtang Alania, Kikala Studio

    Making-of by Irakli Metreveli


    CGI by Garnamatac

    Color Grading by Artyficial

    Colorist: Artem Leonov

    Sound and Music by Postred 

    Vocalist: Tato Rusia

    Backup Vocals: Lua

    Original Song - Rero - O, Rero, Rero (1966)

    Composer: Konstantin Pevzner

    Lyrics: Ioseb Noneshvili

    Eng Copywriter: Tatia Darsadze

    Vocals: N. Abesadze, S. Koroshinadze, G. Chirakadze


  • Sep 2021