Live From The Past

Transform "unspoken" past from historical books into easy-to-follow digital archive on Facebook.



Georgian millennials, the most active advocates of democratic principles, aren’t aware of the First democratic republic of Georgia and have no clue how progressive their country was 100 years ago. Our challenge was to spark a conversation about this topic among the digital generation. Campaigns’ defined objectives were Reach & Engagement.


Our target audience - millennials - want nothing to do with thick, boring history books, they prefer to get an information shortly, from their devices. So, we decided to transform "unspoken" past from historical books into easy-to-follow digital archive on Facebook.


We created 10 public Facebook profiles of key historical figures, posted stories from the past daily and reconstructed the most important historical events and broadcasted them via Facebook live. POV video technique, backdated posts, First-person narrative storytelling, character interaction with each other and with the audience, altogether formed the perception of traveling through the past.


Our way of “historytelling” encouraged millennials to start discussions about their country's first democracy.

One-month-long posting became the hottest topic among youngsters in Georgian Social media.

As a result, we virally reached 1.5 million unique users in Georgia, thereof 90% of our target audience, earned 1 Million video views and more than 1,2 Million Engagements (likes,shares, comments) in total.

Apart from social media, campaign got covered in all Georgian TV channels and online publications.


    Leavingstone, Levan Lepsveridze, Chief Creative Officer

    Leavingstone, Pavle Gabrichidze, Creative Group Head

    Leavingstone, Keti Sakhvadze, Campaign executive

    Leavingstone, Elene Danelia, Page Administrators/Copywriters

    Leavingstone, Nincho Balanchivadze, Page Administrators/Copywriters

    Leavingstone, Emily Koridze, Page Administrators/Copywriters

    Leavingstone, Tatia Tabatadze, Page Administrators/Copywriters

    Leavingstone, Nino Bitsadze, Page Administrators/Copywriters

    Leavingstone, Sonya Gulagashvili, Page Administrators/Copywriters


    Creative directors – Tatia Tabatadze, Levan Babutsidze

    Production Manager – Keti Sakhvadze

    Production Company – Film Asylum


  • May 2018