Many voices, one homeland

When united by love for our homeland, individual differences hold no merit.


Sadly the propaganda of divisiveness is perpetuated by pro-Russian groups in Georgia. Our goal was to establish the coalition's platform as a popular communication space. We wanted it to be a place that would give voice to all Georgians. This way authentic Georgian voices could overshadow pseudo-Georgian voices that currently cloud people's judgments.

The name of this campaign "Many Voices, One Homeland'' conveys our message accurately. It's easy to single out one voice or a single group as the right one and overlook the rest. We're quick to assume that others hold wrong opinions. This approach isn't just harmful to the outsiders but also to that ingroup who claims to be the "correct" one because it forces them to put themselves in an enclosed box. 

Georgian culture, as well as society, has always been a strong champion of differences. It has been this way from the very beginning. We've constantly redefined ourselves and enriched our culture and have come to exist to this day.

With this campaign, we proved that even contrasting things go together beautifully when you don't see their differences as obstacles. We chose six extraordinary artists who created three new beautiful compositions. We showed the combination of musical generations, what the intersection of experimental modern Georgian music and traditional folklore can give us, and what happens when melodic mountain-inspired music meets urban performance.

The results we achieved somehow appear to have found an identity of their own. Because while having the likeness of each artist's style at the same time, in these overlaps, there are signs of a third, completely new sound that comes through the music. 

Our teams have put their hearts and souls into this project. We hope that with the popularity of these songs that we've achieved, other artists, journalists, and public figures will also take this as an example and start reaching out to their audiences. We want people to understand that having a voice is a responsibility. Our voices should unite us like our project did with music. 


    Creative Chairman: Levan Lepsveridze

    Chief Creative Officer: Anze Jereb

    Creative Director: Mindia Arabuli

    Agency Producer : Tamta Navrozashvili

    Copywriter: Dachi Imedadze

    Art Director: Luka Ivanidze

    Head of Design: Matassi Sulakauri

    Sr. Designer: Tekla Baramashvili

    Account Directors: Zizi Nasrashvili, Ekaterine Ebanoidze

    Sr. Account Manager: Maiko Gumberidze, Nini Saralidze

    Account manager: Levan Gogiberidze

    Jr. Account Manager: Elene Davitadze

    Administrative Team: Erekle Zurmukhtashvili, Natia Demetradze, Nana Tushishvili, Pikria Javashvili

    Dop: Tsotne kharebashvili, Vakho Chachanidze.

    Light: Gabo Ghonghadze, Dadu Kutibashvili.

    Video editor: Oti Kharebashvili

    Color correction: Oti Kharebashvili

    Sound engineer: Givi Gabunia

    Recorded and produced in Heima Production

    MUA: Ana Gadelia, Ia Tavadze

    Photographer - George Kolbaia

    Photographer Assistant - Elene Gomelauri

    English Copywriter: Tatia Darsadze



  • Nov 2022