Create unique, and unhackable passwords with three puzzles


On this fun and interactive platform, users can choose three puzzle pieces from the background and drag them into the password field to create the most random, unique, and unhackable passwords. We’re on a mission to confuse the hackers!

With this project, our goal was to help people with their cyber journey. Our website will make sure users stay safe. We teach them that the key to a strong and secure password is choosing three random words. The more unusual the combination, the harder it will be for a criminal to guess. This combination must be easy to memorize for the user but hard to figure out for someone else. So, avoid using predictable words such as dates, family, and pet names.

This project was supported by the UK Government, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information of Georgia, the Media Diversity Institute of Armenia, Gender Hub Azerbaijan, and the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies.

We have to outsmart hackers because if they crack your password you will be a victim of cyber incidents, such as phishing or ransomware, also sensitive information can be leaked about you, and they can cause you financial losses. So, please use our password puzzler and stay safe out there!



  • Feb 2023