Beer Ravi is for those who like to keep it chill in life


Navigating life as a Gen Z in Georgia is no easy feat because of all the stereotypes put on them by society. They are constantly in the spotlight, the subject of every conversation. Dealing with a never-ending flood of advice on how to act, dress or talk.

Beer Ravi is for those who like to keep it chill in life. This brand is the opposite of pretentious, just like Gen Z. It wants to encourage Gen Z to be, unapologetically, who they are! Ravi, why not? 

Ravi, a cool, laid back Georgian beer that translates to - I Dunno - in English, decided to step in to back Gen Z up. We gathered up a team full of Gen Z, grabbed all that stuff boomers throw at them, and turned it into something to be proud of! With a message, Idk why not?! 


IDK, Why not ink up your whole body?

IDK,  Why not raise pets instead of children?

IDK, Why not thrift like a pro?

IDK, Why not ditch the serious act?

IDK, Why not own the night?

IDK, Why not just chill?

IDK, Why not go with the flow?

IDK, Why not rock the style?

IDK, Why not live your truth

We encountered them to be more independent and unique, without following elders' stereotypical wishes.

We didn’t create any fancy campaigns. We took it to the streets, just like Gen Z likes it. We blasted these ideas all over the city, making posters on every corner, hoping the message would resonate with anyone who saw it. And instead of feeling pressured to change by society, they would feel proud to be themselves, on their terms!

We teamed up with real Gen Z TikTokers to genuinely connect with their generation. No outdated media needed, just some dope GenZ influencers! Who are authentically showcasing their lives. We captured glimpses of their day-to-day lives, and, thus, Ravi, there you have it!

So, TikTok blew up with our authentic positive vibes, thanks to these Gen Z influencers relating to our message and spreading it with their fellow followers. And we achieved what we hoped for -making it a little less scary to be a Gen Z in Georgia, because IDK - Why not?


    Creative Chairman: Levan Lepsveridze 

    Creative Director: Emily Koridze 

    Senior Copywriter: Keti Kipshidze 

    Copywriter: Qetka Maghradze 

    Creative Strategist: Tekla Khantadze

    Account Directors: Zizi Nasrashvili, Ekaterine Ebanoidze 

    Account Manager: Lana Bachaliashvili 

    Art Director: Bruce Lee 

    Head of Design: Matassi Sulakauri 

    Design Crew: Aniki Gelashvili, Nikita Mchedlishvili, Eka Vekua 

    PHOTOGRAPHER: Maus Mrsariashvili 

    Photographer’s assistant: Ika Khargelia 

    Production Company: FIRE 

    Production Executive Producer: Tamar Tvaradze 

    Producer: Ani Meladze, Mariam Zubashvili 

    Production Manager: Giorgi Gugeshashvili 

    Production Designer: Elene Kekelidze 

    Location Manager: Elene Suladze 

    Set Manager: Valerian Urushadze

    Awards Administrative: Tatia Darsadze



  • Aug 2023