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Leavingstone is the first and the foremost digital creative agency in Transcaucasia that is blessed with the official partnership with Google. The multifunctional creative endeavor is prime and premium in our professional coexistence. The quality of our collaboration erases each and every possible boundary and creates the foundation for phenomenal changes. Being a partner of "The Big G " imposes a significant number of monstrously vital responsibilities for us as an emerging empire of creative. 

Meeting the standards of Google has been a single most important drive for the growth of our qualification in number of fields. The outcome of our successful advertising campaigns speaks volumes about our certified advertisers. Another equally important part of success in this field is the constant attention to the progress and stability of our campaigns. This is one of the key criteria to preservation of our partnership.

Google monitors the performed work of the partners once in every 24 hour. This process consists of various aspects upon all of which a single ratio is being calculated and assigned to the company. Later on, the company is obliged to keep up with the assigned ratio.

This partnership was a reward for the quality work and dedication over 5 score years.  Leavingstone met all of the four requirements Google imposes on potential partners. Those sound like this: The history of at least 90 days, an estimated advertising budget, passing various exams, and the record of the best results achieved by the company.

This partnership earned Georgia a place on the tech map, partnership with Google also solved many of The problems with Georgian ads on Google AdWords Platform. 

Leavingstone is the first company that is trained by Google in online mode. Every week Google holds live video conferences  for the creative seagulls. This activity polishes the brilliant minds behind the name  "Leavingstone"

In a nutshell, partnership of Google and Leavingstone guarantees Georgian companies an exponential quality of digital advertising.


  • Nov 2014