Snowdrop and Viola

Everybody fasten your seatbelts, Zoommerish chariot is galloping our way!


Our brand new Zoommer Ad revolves around the upcoming annual crazy we all like to call the school season. This whimsical time brings about a plethora of new and exciting items each year and Zoommer most certainly got on the wagon of encouraging everyone to replace old things with their new counterparts, after all, we're the ones always saying "what's better than new, aren't we?" We want our audience to treat themselves to an upgrade with the help of Zoommer, what's there to wait for? 

September has always been the season of change and the desire for rejuvenation. If in the olden days this time was mostly associated with the need for school stationery items and new clothing pieces, today since tech advancements and the Covid-19 pandemic fundamentally changed our everyday existence, this period also brings on the need for new technology. Tech items are no longer considered a luxury. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and whatnot are all multifunctional and practical commodity items. All these gadgets play a very important role especially when it comes to remote learning and working from home. Recent developments were exactly the reason why we chose to communicate with our audience in a back-to-school scenario because we felt our guidance was needed so that we could help them face these new challenges headstrong with zero technical issues. 

Our ad innocuously begins with a children's poem about Snowdrop and Viola who in the later scenes turn out to be the former member of the Parliament Snowdrop Machavariani and television host Viola Pharulava, who are traveling on a chariot surrounded by psychedelic prairies. We thought it would be interesting for our audience to see depictions of these magical realism scenes because they animate Georgian folk poems that are embedded in our collective minds, while also bringing a juvenile flare to it with dreamscape desert where our dear Snowdrop and Viola are sitting on a carriage piloted by no one other than a cowboy charioteer dressed in all pink wearing his exquisite pink cowboy hat. Later, of course, Viola rips her dress and breaks her laptop whilst she suddenly falls overboard in a pink optical illusion where Zoommer tech gadgets are swirling around her. She's definitely in need of some better new items and Viola dear, we know just the place!

Our campaign took over the internet like a colorful storm, it not only went viral on social media but also got a lot of attention in traditional media channels. All this was coupled with the increase in sales and commercial success that Zoommer saw.  The Internet sphere was also fascinated by the after-credit scene that included the Olympic gold medalist Lasha Bekauri dressed in a mix of traditional judo uniform with Naruto Uzumaki outfit elements. This intriguing preview got everyone talking about Bekauri possibly taking on the role he was destined to embody "Naruto from Gudamakari". What's next? You be the judge. ​​​​​​​


    Creative Director: Levan Lepsveridze

    Account Directors: Zizi Nasrashvili, Ekaterine Ebanoidze

    Digital Creative Director: Lasha Kotorashvili

    Creative Team: Ketevan Maghradze, Dachi Imedadze, George Abuladze, Keti Kipshidze, Irina Beriashvili

    Packshot Artdirection/Designer: Luka Ivanidze

    Illustrator: Baiko Pirtskhalaishvili

    Strategist: Anano Gabunia

    Account Manager: Levan Gogiberidze

    Production Company: Enkeny Films

    Producer – Bacho Meburishvili

    Line Producer: Sophio Bendiashvilii

    Production Manager: Sophio Orjonikidze

    Production Manager: Keta Lomsadze

    Production Asst: Giorgi Erikashvili

    Location Manager: Irakli Chakhnashvili

    Runners: Lana Miminoshvili, Vaxo Adeishvili

    Lawyer: Nanuka Chkuaseli

    Director: Dima Chkheidze

    DoP: George Shvelidze

    1st AD: Margo Zubashvili

    Art Director: Polina Rudchik

    Ass. Production Designer: Sandro Nadareishvili

    Runner – Ivane Beruashvili

    Decorations by Jimsher Berdzenishvili & KinoFactory

    Costume Designer: Tinatin Shengelia

    Assistant Costume Designer: Tatia Modebadze

    MUA: Madona Tchanturia

    Hair Stylist: Giga Bagration-Gogadze

    Casting Director: Misha Apkhazava

    Casting Manager: Sopo Qobachishvili

    Focus Puller: Manu Elijarashvili

    Gaffer: Bidzina Chkaidze

    Light & Grip: Misho Saganelidze, Bezhan Laliashvili, Mikheil Gvalia, Archil Samkharadze

    Camera Team: Giorgi Karbelashvili, Levan Zaridze

    Script/Clap: Ketevan Isakadze

    Stunt Co-ordinator: Irakli Sabanadze

    Making-of: Levan Gunia


    CGI by Highway VFX

    Packshot Artist: Nika Minashvili

    Packshot Animator: Levan Lortkipanidze

    Color Grading by Artyficial

    Colorist: Artem Leonov

    Eng Copywriter: Tatia Darsadze

    Sound and Music by PostRed


  • Sep 2021