The Scrollable Skyscraper

simple, intuitive, and interactive


Insight and Idea:

Tbilisi Gardens is the first New York skyscraper in Tbilisi. The building is a feat of fascinating architecture, already a landmark in the area. Our task was to fit the building on a single website to showcase its greatness, so we decided to turn the skyscraper itself an interactive digital experience.

Strategy and Targeting:

The project is aiming to attract sophisticated buyers, those who value design, and elaborate architecture.


Our website made viewing the skyscraper simple, intuitive, and interactive - scroll the enormous building, go through the apartment plans and project description in a few easy clicks.

Although the life-like 3D render of Tbilisi Gardens skyscraper is quite big, smooth scroll and fluid transitions, make the experience quite effortless.

Result description: 

Apart from the vast online presence, the sales team uses the website during live presentations to effectively showcase the entire project.


    Leavingstone, Giorgi Avaliani, Creative Director

    Leavingstone, Nick Kumbari, Art Director

    Leavingstone, Anano Miminoshvili, UI Designer

    Freelancer, Saba Kavtaradze, 3D Visualisation

    Freelancer, Mamuka Okriashvili, 3D Visualisation

    Leavingstone, Goga Chinchaladze, Front-end Developer

    Leavingstone, Mishka Pankvelashvili, Front-end Developer

    Leavingstone, Mariam Surmava, Project Managers

    Leavingstone, Catherine Meparidze, Project Managers


  • Jan 2017