Time for a New Year!

We are challenged by the invisible enemy, time to battle it out!


Around the globe, the pandemic has dampened the holiday spirit. It was almost time for a New Year and Zoommer wanted to bring joy and celebration into people's lives. Our task was to create an ad that would make the coming year shine with a hopeful message.

Despite the many hurdles covid pandemic offers we managed to safely overcome barriers and created an ad about a much-needed holiday bash. The dress code we chose was festive, with influences from the baroque era, and as the theme, we selected a masquerade ball, of course. Different characters from across the land attended our soiree. As hosts, we made sure everyone was tested and covid free, without exception! Notable guests included: Santa Claus dressed in Georgian “Chokha”; colorful Zoommer girl; Donna from previous Zoommer commercials; currently trending health minister's impersonator; the weeping bride, one of many, together with her father and maids of honor, devastated because of the canceled wedding; and school kids, out of school, singing arias with their piano teacher. 

But there was this one elusive character who just showed up unannounced and crashed our party. The world’s invisible enemy herself, Ms. Covid Girl. She was scandalously making a statement about anti-masking by not wearing a mask! Right off the bat, Covid girl started terrorizing our guests with fear, telling everyone how it had already been a year since she appeared and that she was never planning on leaving.

She was looking to challenge someone to a boxing match. Courageously our Zoommer girl came to the rescue! She swooped in, knowing it was time for action, time for Covid girl’s destruction. The boxing ring was getting heated, emotions were running high. Each and every person longed for Covid to be gone. It was a close call but finally, our Zoommer girl took the lead. She defeated Covid girl, blowing her up like a pinata, literally.

In creating our narrative the use of music was the most important component. Everyone's going through this unusual time, so we wanted to connect with the audience by storytelling through relatable lyrics. And, moreover, the choices we made with production design and art direction gave our ad its unique visual identity. From the dressing of each set to the smallest details, all the prop and wardrobe elements were vital for setting the overall mood.

This ad went viral in a matter of hours with over 3 million views. We’re glad our storytelling team has proven once again that it knows how to stick the landing. We succeeded in cheering up the viewers while delivering an important message, as sung in the lyrics “together we’ll make the pandemic disappear, and finally, after all of this, we’ll have a party on New Year’s Eve!” So, chin up, it's time for our moods to be revived! 


    Creative Director: Pavle Gabritchidze

    Art Director: Nino Lekveishvili

    Copywriters: Keti Kipshidze; Tatia Tabatadze

    Senior Account Manager: Marianne Scott

    Strategy Director: Nino Kuprashvili

    Strategist: Dako Meburishvili

    CGI Artist: George Korganov

    Senior Graphic Designer: ბაიკო ფირცხალაიშვილი

    Graphic Designer: Misho Abramidi

    Type Designer: Luka Zarandia


    Executive Producer: Meli Bagdavadze

    Director: Dima Chkheidze

    DoP: Sandro Darakhvelidze

    Producer: Irinka Khvedelidze

    1st AD: Ninia Sherpà

    Set Manager: Vaniko Beruashvili

    Steady-Cam: Merab Kiknadze

    Gaffer: Giorgi Gogatishvili

    Focus Puller: Irakli Duru Jgenti

    Costume Designer: Ika Bobokhidze, Tina Sharashenidze

    Costume Design Team: Elene Zvanbaia, Tako Sharashenidze

    MUA & Hair: Madonna Tchanturia , Giga Bagration-Gogadze, Teona Ghlonti, Sopo Machavariani, Maia Jincharadze

    Casting Director: Misha Apkhazava

    Casting Manager: Sopo Qobachishvili

    Choreographer: Xose Xositashvili

    Production Design by Slow Pulse - George Karalashvili & Mariam Iakobashvili

    Art Department: District 9 Productions

    Decorators: Dato daraselia, Teimuraz Janezashvili, Giorgi Iakobashvili, Zuka Makharadze, Jubo Todadze, Nika Kenkebashvili, Levan Kikilashvili, Giorgi Mamisashvili

    Set dressers: Nino Daraselia, Tasha Metreveli

    Props Master: Ketevan Nozadze


    Visual effects by Anagrama

    Animation Color Grading by Artyficial

    Sound and Music by Postred

    English Copywriter: Tatia Darsadze

    Special Thanks to Metro Film Production, Giorgi Meshveliani, Lara Kveladze and to all Cast & Crew for being so brave!


  • Dec 2020