What Happened on the 18th of June

We prepared an unforgettable surprise for football fans!


On June 18, the Georgian national football team was going to hold a historic match at the European Championship. The entire country of Georgia was holding its breath, waiting for the game. Some planned to watch it on their screens, while others traveled to Germany to see it live. For their first match at the European Championship, the Georgian national team was going up against Turkey. June 18 fell on a work day, and despite the importance of this match, unfortunately, some people could not watch the game. We created this campaign for these football lovers. We made a van for fans - a big truck with a giant mounted screen. With this van, we could bring the Georgia - Turkey game to those in need! 

A few minutes before the start of the game, we arrived with our fan van and dozens of fans to surprise our selected football lovers in different locations who were unable to watch the game. They were out of hope, but now they not only got to see the historical game, but also we made it more unforgettable with an added surprise. At Zedazeni, they believe in the unlimited power of supporting fans’. That is why they wanted to create an environment dedicated to the fans where they could watch the game. 

The boundless power of fandom and the magical ability of sports to unite people for a common goal is at the heart of this campaign. We wanted to bring football to the mountains and the city, to those people who could not see the match. Together with Zedezeni, we wanted to give them an experience they'd remember for a lifetime. ​​​​​​​



    Client: Zedazeni 

    Head of Marketing and Public Relations: Mikheil Kurdadze

    Head of Georgian Brands Development

    Digital Manager: Tinatin Zekalashvili 

    Georgian Brand Development Manager: Maiko Gogiashvili

    Creative Agency: Leavingstone

    Creative Director: Levan Lepsveridze

    Senior Copywriter: Giorgi Quca Rukhadze

    Copywriter: Tornike Kobaladze 

    Design Team Lead: Matassi Sulakauri 

    Design Team Project Manager: Anna Ckhonia

    Design Team: Nikita Mchedlishvili, Eka Vekua

    Junior Art Director: Kote Tokhadze

    3D Artist: Giorgi Jinoridze

    Motion Designer: Luka Shvelidze 

    Account Directors: Ekaterine Ebanoidze, Zizi Nasrashvili

    Sr. Account Manager: Maia Gumberidze

    Lion Account Manager: Lana Bachaliashvili

    Administrative Team: Erekle Zurmukhtashvili, Natia Demetradze, Nana Tushishvili, Pikria Javashvili 


    Director: Tevdore Gogoladze 

    Executive Producer: Tamar Tvaradze

    Producer: Mariam Zubashvili 

    Unit Producer: Giorgi Mgeladze, Tina Khizanishvili

    DOP Team: Nikoloz Chavchavadze, Viktor Sakvarelidze, Avto Jangveladze, Sandro Kutidze, Guga Gelashvili, Giorgi Psitidze

    Drone: Giorgi Ugrekhelidze, Giorbelidze 

    Set Designer: Shota Izoria

    Location Manager: Nikusha Lebanidze, Giorgi Surguladze

    Set Manager: Valerian Urushadze 

    Production Assistant: Dimitri Mamporia, Zaliko Kikodze, Sopio Khetsuriani 

    Editing and Motion Graphics: Vako Kiladze 

    Sound Design: UZUPO

    Sound Artist: Vano Kurasbediani 

    English Content: Tatia Darsadze



  • Jun 2024